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Lappe Ski Centre Facility Rental Fees

Space can be booked for family events, such as birthdays; or for meetings, training sessions and workshops.

UPSTAIRS AREA (Book online now! Scroll down to request):

$ 30.00 hourly fee

$ 100.00 for 4 hours

$ 150.00 for 8 hours

An additional $50 for the use of the upstairs kitchen.


(Space only available when not open for public skiing):

$ 150.00 for 4 hours

$ 200.00 for 8 hours

Main (downstairs) kitchen is only to be used by an approved catering company or by Willow Springs Creative Centre. Rate to be negotiated separately.


or Tuija at 807-633-7802


Chalet Rentals (Upstairs)

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